Help us get to Phase 2!

Voter.Zone is a Social Network & Voting Platform Owned and Operated by Voting Americas. We Inspire Political Engagement by Empowering Participants to Share Who and What to Vote for so their Voices can be Heard and Magnified.

When we know who and what our preferred choices are PRIOR to official elections
we can better position ourselves to win!


Where are we now?

PHASE 1 (beta release date June 17, 2020):

  • Upon registration members, are automatically added to two groups: “United States” for nationwide collaborations and “State” for more localized collaborations based upon members voting addresses.
  • Members are able to Register to Vote using our “Rock The Vote” voter registration tool.
  • In order to get a clear and valid view of America’s crowd sourced “Vote Pulse”:
    • Members are able to Up/Down Vote on Presidential and Congressional Candidates, on their state specific “Candidate” voting page.
      • Totals are listed in a tab called “Top Candidates” that show most Voted Up and Most Voted Down Candidates.
    • Members are also able to Up/Down Vote on the “Issues” voting page.
      • Totals are listed in a tab called “Top Issues” that show most Voted Up and Most Voted Down Issues.
  • Just like you’d want on any social network, members are able to become friends with other members, post to their own walls as well as their friends walls, send private communications, connect and chat with others in groups, receive mentions, see account activity, hide/show different areas of their profile, suspend/delete their accounts and export their data.
  • State specific news is displayed in the “State News” area in the right-side column of the website according to members addresses.
  • Voter.Zone hosts weekly conversations for those who wish to become contributing members of our worker (content producer, blogger, programmer, digital artist, marketing, fundraising, business admin, etc.) owned and operated Social Network.


  • All of above plus…
  • Upon registration members will also be placed in a group based on their “Congressional District” (CD) for even more localized organizing (not just their state and nation).
  • Members “Vote/Candidate” pages include CD specific Candidates for Up/Down voting.
  • Members “Vote/Issues” pages include CD specific Ballot Measures, for Up/Down voting.
  • A “Nationwide Ballot Measures” page will display Ballot Measures that have passed all across our country so members can self-organize to get these ballot measures on their local ballots and passed within their own voting districts.
    • Examples:
      • Alaska takes the tax money from oil companies and shares it among their constituents.
      • Medical Cannabis becomes legalized all across the United States.
      • San Francisco has a ballot initiative that will lower the voting age to 16.
  • Members can click on each candidate/issue for further details such as the source of financial contributions as well as candidates’ voting histories.
  • Members can nominate themselves or another to run for office.
  • Members can set permissions/transparency and choose to allow their friends or the general public see who they are voting for so members can engage in discussions and better understand their choices prior to voting at the actual polls.
  • Members can validate each other to help determine the authenticity of our networks members.
  • AI will further determine the validity and rank of users and their vote based upon the content they contribute, like, and share both on and off our platform, and may also include their voting history.
  • Members will be given a unique affiliate/referral “Invitation” link to help the site grow and will be rewarded for growing the network (rewards TBD and will eventually include the option to be compensated with cryptocurrency).

DREAM PHASE = Handheld Democracy

The Future of Democracy is Liquid and Handheld. Democracy will eventually evolve into a truly direct, hand held democracy where citizens are able to vote for everything on our personal biometric (etc) enabled devices (or in an APP), delegate our vote to trusted peers (formerly known as representatives), revoke our delegation whenever we want to personally vote, or delegate our vote to another.

NOTE: Electronic voting is already taking place in America with private corporations using proprietary software that is hackable and currently altering our elections. Voter.Zone will ONLY offer electronic voting that is open sourced, collectively owned and operated by the people who are voting, include backups and vote rollbacks when hacks do occur (they always will), and offer the option to securely and anonymously print ballots for hand counting when necessary, etc. Make no mistake that electronic voting can be as safe as sending trillions of dollars every second of every day across the globe as we are currently doing. Those individuals who are against electronic voting don’t want it because it would make it really easy for everyone to vote. Unfortunately voter suppression and voter exclusion is very real in America. More real than any fear regarding a voter owned and operated voting platform such as what Voter.Zone offers.