Welcome to Voter.Zone, a Social Network and Polling Platform that is Reclaiming and Redefining American Democracy. We empower Americans with the ability to cast and count Votepinions TODAY so we can pave a victorious path, and usher in a True Democracy that works for all.

Voter.Zone is non-partisan, which means we are not party affiliated or candidate focused. We are Democracy Champions; everyday people who are committed to bringing about a free, fair, transparent, all inclusive and thriving Democracy!

Voter.Zone is specifically determined to give every American the tools they need to see their democratic dreams come true, starting in their own backyards. Members share and/or learn about ballot initiatives that have been signed into law across America and are offered instruction on how to bring those same laws into our own neighborhoods. One great example of this is the legalization of marijuana. If the fed won't do it, the people will! We can even work together to craft ballot initiatives that don't yet exist and put them on several ballots at once across the nation in a truly democratic act of Good ol' American Solidarity!

We finally have a clear path to make America a real, all inclusive democracy, one ballot initiative (or even several!) at a time. Actions taken here are simple, yet impactful. Step by step we are reclaiming and redefining democracy. To ALL establishment politicians no matter your party, We The People are coming for our country!

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